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My Reading Log

I read two books about Asthma on-line this week. One is fiction and the other is non-fiction. I learned about the cause of asthma and how to use different kinds of medicine. My younger sister, Annabelle has asthma. She uses the inhaler everyday. She had serious asthma attack two years ago. It was very scary. I hope I can learn more about how to help people that have asthma in case there is an emergency. I also read a book about bed bugs. It can be a trigger of asthma, too. I hate bed bugs.
I just read a book about the life of Clara Barton, the angel of the battlefield during Civil War. Clara also set up the American Red Cross. She was an amazing lady. It was a level V book. It is more difficult than the books I read.
In the school, I also learned about Run-On sentences and complete sentences. In math, I learned about mental subtraction and addition. I had some problems doing rounding questions in math workbook. In Chinese, I learned about Jesus.
I attended my Aunt Kris’s engagement party today. I had a lot of great food especially desserts. I had a busy and happy weekend.

I read stories from Aesop’s Fable. One is about the crow and the fox. One is about the fox and the stork. The other one is about the crow and the pitcher. I think Aesop is a very smart person. He made up a lot of meaningful stories. And I read “the story of the sun”. It’s about a Japanese boy Ichiro who wants to find out how does the sun come from. Ichiro likes to solve problems. I like to solve problems, too. With help, of course!


I read a book about firefighters today. The book talks about many kinds of machines and equipment used to stop fire. I think firefighters are brave and kind. They fight with fires no matter how big or small. They help people no matter what the situation. It is very dangerous if the house is on fire. There would be a lot of smoke. People might be killed because of the smoke and heat. My favorite toys and books will disappear if there is a fire. I don’t want that happen.

I like the series of The Rainbow Fairies. It was about stories between seven faries in the fairyland who were sent far away by evil Jack Frost. . I read Ruby the Red Fairy this week. The book is about two girls, Rachel and Kirsty who find Ruby the Red Fairy in the pot at the end of the rainbow. They need to keep finding other fairies within one week.


I read a book called “Irma’s Sandwich Shop”. It was about Irma who can make every kind of sandwich but she never wants to eat it. She has a sandwich shop but she doesn’t like sandwiches. I like sandwiches! Any kind of sandwich! I hope I can learn about how to make delicious sandwich.




  1. Anonymous says:

    This week, I read a book called “Gooney Bird Greene”. The author is Lois Lowry. I chose this book because I like to read about somebody’s stories. For example, I like to hear about how Gooney Bird got her name and so on. My favorite part is about why Gooney Bird was late for school. It was because she was direction a symphony orchestra. I love this part because I joined an orchestra. The practice is every Saturday evening from 7 to 9. Sometimes it runs late until 10pm. By the time we got home, it was way past my bed time. I sometimes get up late for my piano class on Sunday morning. But, I still love to go to the orchestra. I think I will join orchestra all of my life. I love to listen to the unforgettable music by all the famous and popular composers such as Vivaldi, Haydn and Mozart. I also enjoy to go to the concert and recital, too. Even though I feel nervous, but I was still happy when I link on my reflection.
    Gooney Bird was not late to school anytime but she saw a bus coming slowly. She asked if the driver needed a hand. Then the driver told her that the orchestra would be in a concert soon. They got there and the players asked her how would they thank her. She told them, right at 12 o’clock, the orchestra would have a lovely melody to thank her. I like stories about orchestra and helping others.

    This week, I read a book called “grumpy Badger’s Christmas”. The author and illustrator were Jane Chapman and Paul Bright. I chose this book because I haven’t read many books about Christmas. I like this book because Badger was not grumpy at last. He helped Mole to get down of the tall Christmas tree. This book is about Grumpy Badger who hates to be bothered. When Badger dreamed about Mole almost fell from the tree on night, he knew that it was true. So Badger went to rescue Mole. I hope I will have a happy celebration of Christmas.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I read a book called “The Magic School Bus and the Dinosaur Detective”. The author was Joanna Cole. And the book is illustrated by Bruce Degen. I chose this book because I like to know more about Dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex, Ankylosaurus and Triceratops and other kinds of unique dinosaurs. The book is about how dinosaurs’ bones, skin, prints, tracks, sizes, eggs and lives and so on. I know more about Jurassic Period and Triassic.

  3. victoria says:

    This week ,I read a book called ” Heidi ” this book is about A girl named Heidi ,lived in Switzerland with her Aunt Dete ,she bought Heidi to the mountains to see her grandfather , and a boy called Peter. Then Heidi was brought to Frankfurt. She met Carla. Heidi liked Carla, but she was unhappy. Heidi wanted to go back to her Grandfather’s place. Heidi missed her grandfather and the life on the mountains too much. She was sick. Then Carla’s father promised her to go back to the mountains. I watched a cartoon series based on the story of Heidi before. I love the story and cartoon.

  4. victoria says:

    This week, I read a book called “Wonders of Nature”. There are many different animals such as archerfish, trap-door spider, beaver, chameleon, flying dragon, leaf insect, leaf-rolling weevil, praying mantis, mole and sea dragon. Beavers build lodges. Archerfish can aim an insect and splash water to the insect. Chameleon can change skin color. I didn’t know there’s sea dragon. The picture of the sea dragon looks strange. There are many different animals around the world. The book is very interesting.

  5. victoria says:

    This week, I read a book called “Jenny loves Yoga”. Jenny learns Yoga for a long time. There are different poses such as mountain pose, airplane pose and cobra pose. Jenny has to stand still and imagine to be a mountain. Airplane pose helps Jenny practice her balance. She puts her hands out like an airplane’s wing first. Then she lifts up her leg carefully. Cobra pose can stretch her neck. Boat pose looks like someone plays seesaw by herself. There are other poses. I think Yoga is interesting. But it could be hard to twist one’s body for different poses. It is a wonderful book.

  6. victoria says:

    This week, I read a book called ” The Homework Lesson”. The characters in the book are Ryan, Mrs. Rose and the classmates. Ryan was a fifth grade student. He heard that Mrs. Rose could be a enormous and dangerous monster! But when he saw the teacher, the teacher looked nice!! So Ryan thought that was impossible. The teacher said that the class needed to do their homework until Thursday and there would be no reasons and excuses if anyone could not finish his/her homework or forgot to bring the homework. Ryan thought that it was easy to finish the homework by Thursday because it was just Monday. Mrs. Rose warned “Be careful! You need to do your homework! If you don’t do your homework, the paper will grow!” The class laughed. They all said that paper would not grow because it was impossible to let homework grow! When the final bell rang, Ryan threw his homework on his desk. He had his dinner and watched his favorite TV shows. Then he went to sleep. On Tuesday, the teacher asked if anyone had done the homework, no one raised their hands. The teacher just smiled. She gave the students their homework assignment and let them home. Ryan played ball with his cousin and had dinner. He went to bed without doing his homework. On Wednesday, the teacher asked again. Nobody raised his/her hand. The teacher was a little angry but the students did not notice that the teacher was angry. Some of the children like Ryan did not even start their homework. Ryan went home as fast as he could. He just hit the door and slam it very loudly. He rushed to his bedroom and sat down nervously. This is the most nervous moment he ever had. He was writing his math worksheet and thoght that he needed to read a story, and prepare for a spelling test! He was distracted and fell asleep. On Thursday, the teacher asked one by one. All of the children needed to wisper to the teacher because the were not done with their homework. Then the teacher turned into a monster. She locked the class door and screamed. No one could go home until everyone finished his/her homework.
    Sometimes I finish my homework until the last minute. My dad would be just like a monster if we go to bed late. He would be mad!! We are not allowed to do our homework when it’s bed time. It is good to finish one’s homework as soon as possible.

  7. victoria says:

    December 15
    This Friday was my birthday. We had a party on the fourth floor of the building. It is the club of the community. The manage department held the party to celebrate the people whose birthday are in October, November and December and also celebrate for Christmas ahead of time. It was a residents only party. We had a great dinner. It was a buffet. It was very delicious. We saw a cute Santa, a puppet Santa. It slid down from a toy house. Then a person was pulling the string and had a little show. After the puppet show, a real Santa brought a huge bag full of presents. I got two presents from Santa. When it was time to eat birthday cake, we sang “Happy Birthday” in Chinese and English. I got a box of play cards and a doll. My elder sister Elizabeth whose birthday is also in December got Monopoly as her birthday gift. My younger sister who was born in November got a panda plush toy. We had a lot of fun. Not only the gifts, I also played table tennis with my sister’s friend, Iris. And all of us had fun running and playing in the playground. We had a good dinner and a wonderful time with other residents in the community.
    December 22
    My elder sister’s birthday is 12/17. I didn’t know what I should give to her as her birthday present. At last, I gave her a bracelet I made by myself. There are my sisters favorite beads on it. My sister gave me a pencil I always want.
    I was a little bit sad because it rained all the time. Our PE class was cancel because of the rain. We stayed in the class room and had Chinese class instead. The class hoped it would not rain next time. We will have our final exam coming in January. I do not know what day in January yet. (It’s going to be on January 14, honey!)
    This week I learned about adjectives and verbs. The teacher taught us to make stories online but I still did not finish it yet. I will try to finish it soon. My younger sister had a school fair on Saturday. The entire family were there except my dad who needed to work. It was fun. I ate a lot of things there. The food was great. I heard that the school chief used to be the top chief in a five-star hotel.
    I got into Level P in Raz Kids. I am so happy about it! I had to read paper books most of the time because my sister needed a quite place to do her homework. And we are in the same room now. I wish I could have my own room on day.
    December 29
    This is a scary week for our family. My grandfather was going to have a two-day body check at Tai-Da Hospital. But it ended up that he had an operation. He is still in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit now. We went to the hospital this afternoon after our piano lesson. Even grandpa told us not to worry, but, I just worry a lot. My grandmother needed to stay in the ICU waiting area most of the time. She looked tired, too. Mom and dad need to go to the hospital, too. I think my sisters and I need to be extremely good so mom and dad don’t have to worry about us.
    I was on Level P last week. I am almost done now. I hope to be in Level Q soon.

  8. victoria says:

    November 24, 2013
    This week I read a book called “the Beekeeper”. The book is about an interviewer interviews Mr. Buzz, the beekeeper. In the interview, Mr. Buzz tells us how beekeepers keep the bee in the bee box. Mr. Buzz needs to wear bee suit so he would not get stunk. He uses a smoker to calm the bees then he uses bare hands as he moves the bee box. Of course he got stuck more than thousands of times. Mr. Buzz also introduces different kinds of bees. It takes a lot of work to get honey.

  9. victoria says:

    November 17, 2013
    This week, I read a book called “Johnny Appleseed Heads West”. The book was about a man called Johnny Appleseed. He loved to eat apples. So he would put the apple seeds he had eaten in the container. He liked to wear a cooking pot on his head. He was stronger than anyone. He could jump higher than anyone, too. He heard that his neighbors wanted to go West, so he carried his shovel, cooking pot on his head and the apple seed container to head West. When he headed West, he heard a strange sound, then, he noticed that a wolf was in a huge net and wanted to escape. So, Johnny let go the wolf and called him Roamer. Everyday, Roamer would dig holes and put the apple seeds in the hole. After a few days, Johnny died. Roamer dug a hole and put the shovel, cooking pot and apple seed container in the grave with Johnny and said good-bye to Johnny.
    I think this story is funny because Johnny carried the pot on his head. I feel sorry for Roamer after Johnny died.

  10. victoria says:

    One of the books I read this weekend is “Troika: Canine Superhero”. It is about a boy and his dog, Dog, who lived around the Arctic Circle. Dog was very brave and smart. He talked to the boy through his eyes. He saved the boy three times. First he fought with the grizzly to save the boy and lost one of his legs. Dog pulled the boy out of the icy water when the boy was trapped and shocked. Dog even fought with a moose. The boy named Dog “Troika”.
    I have a thirteen-year-old Pomeranian named Remy. Remy is a cute and smart dog. But he cannot see very well. He spends most of his time sleeping. I hope he can live with me forever.

  11. Profile photo of cchang cchang says:

    I linked it under her reflections. Thank you for sharing.

  12. victoria says:

    Victoria would like to put on the line of the concert she played last Saturday. The video is a bit long though…
    Even though she’s the youngest member in the orchestra, she practices very hard for the pieces. I’m proud of her!!

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