My Reading Log

17 thoughts on “My Reading Log

  1. This week I read a book of Harriet the spy(Ch.3~4)
    It was telling about his grandma Ole Golly went to the park.

  2. The book title is “The BFG”
    The Author is Roald Dal
    I read the book for 8 weeks
    It page have more then 100 words!
    There was almost 250 pages
    It was about the Giant who was called BFG

  3. “Bakery sale”
    This book is talking about a class are selling cake and cookies then they got a lot of money to go on a field trip.

  4. The book title name is “In the Earth”
    This book is telling us Earth have many places,every where the view was not the same.

  5. The book title is “The angry monster”
    This book is telling us do not be selfish or maybe you will have no friends.

  6. Now I’m going to write a story.
    The book name is “Elephant and the mouse.”
    The charactor is”tiger Salt,elephant Gloop and family mouse Yoyo”
    Once opon a time there was tiger Slat who is the last tiger in Bucket forest,and elephant Gloop is the last elephant in Bucket forest.In the forest there was mouse family Yoyo in there,all the people live in the Bucket town think there was no more animal in Bucket forest.
    One day Slat was such so hungry he can almost eat an Blue whale,he saw Gloop he run and run Gloop run also and said “Help! Help! Help!”the Yoyo family take the net and put down Slat run a way and never came back,Gloop was so thankful,they became freinds,Slat can only eat leaves and sleep forever.

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